Lent at Union

Lent at Union

Lent is about the wilderness, about leaving the distractions of this world to enter unknown terrain in order to seek God. The double pandemic has been a forced wilderness, and so Lent has to be different. Traditionally, this season before Easter is a time of fasting. This year, we are encouraging all of our Beloved Community to take on a spiritual practice. So we are making many opportunities available to take time to connect with the Spirit of God in this wilderness of social distancing, grief, and oppression.

Explore the ways you can deepen your spiritual journey this season of Lent at Union Church.

We are sending out a devotional every day that includes scripture reading and prayers. 

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Listen: A Lenten Spiritual Companioning Group is a small group that will explore ancient and new spiritual disciplines. Meets Tuesdays at 6:00pm EST.

Pastor Nikki leads a poignant meditation that is sure to center your spirit.

15-minute call, Fridays at 12:00pm EST

This weekly prayer group is a great way to begin your day.

15-minute call, Wednesdays at 7:00am EST