Union's Annual Christmas Gift Drive

Union has received Christmas wish lists for women, children, and men living in homelessness at local shelters. We need your help to show Christ’s love by remembering them in the spirit of this season!


(1) Sign-up and get the gift recipient’s information

(a) Go to this Google Sheet and put your name in the “Sign-up” column

(b) Or, contact Erin Holman for assistance: eeholman@gmail.com or text/call ‭(512) 586-6578‬

(2) Purchase new clothes and new gifts according to the recipient’s information on the Google Sheet

(3) Wrap and Label your gifts well for easy delivery. A wrapped box is preferred, but if you must use a gift bag, please staple it closed. Clearly label the gifts with the Recipient Identifier (Column A)

(4) Drop-Off the gifts at the church building (485 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02118) at our designated times below. Volunteers will be ready to take your gifts in a safe, socially-distanced manner. Please wear a mask and take necessary precautions! Our Drop-Off days are:

(a) Saturday, Dec. 18 between 10am and 1pm

(b) Sunday, Dec. 19 between 2pm and 5pm


Alternative ways to give:

  1. Give a cash donation — December 13
  2. Want to Volunteer? — Email eeholman@gmail.com