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Want to keep up with the weekend messages at Union? Have them automatically delivered to you online by following a few quick steps.

Online Podcast

Did you know you can have the latest messages automatically delivered to you at your music software, iPod, iTunes, and other digital audio player?

It's free and easy! Just follow the instructions below for a one time set up, and you'll automatically receive our latest weekend message as soon as it's available online (you can even keep them as long as you like).

Instructions for iTunes

A direct feed in the iTunes store is coming soon. In the meantime, please follow the instructions below for "other software" and click the "subscribe to Podcast" link under the "Advanced" menu.

Instructions for Other Software

Although iTunes is currently one of the most popular podcasting software available, you may want to use other programs depending on your operating system or digital audio player.

These programs all differ in how they handle podcasts, but the process for subscribing is usually similar. Simply copy and past the link below into your tool of choice to subscribe.


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