Next Steps

We are all striving to live like Jesus lived and share his love and compassion for the community around us. Take the next step on this journey today!

Everyone’s path at Union will be unique. Here are a few areas that we think most will find helpful:

Join us for Worship: God-focused worship is of central importance at Union. Head over to our service times page to find out when our worship services are.

Become a Member: Not a member of Union yet? Check out our membership page for more information. This isn’t necessarily the second step for everyone and you don’t have to be a member to get involved in the other areas below, but we think it’s a helpful one.

Attend New Members Class: Several times throughout the year, we hold New Members Class for both new members and those who are thinking about becoming a member. Check out our membership page for more information.

Check out a Spiritual Growth Group: Join a small group, come to a Bible Study, or attend Sunday School. All of these are designed to help you grow closer to God and to help you better understand and apply the Bible to your life. Head over to our connect & grow page for more information.

Serve at Union: There are volunteer opportunities both inside Union and in our local community. Just as Jesus served others, we are encouraged to serve as well. View our serve page for more information.